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The Air and Space Power Journal

Chief of Staff, US Air Force
Gen David L. Goldfein

Commander, Air Education and Training Command
Lt Gen Darryl Roberson

Commander and President, Air University
Lt Gen Steven L. Kwast

Commander, LeMay Center for Doctrine Development
and Education
Maj Gen Timothy J. Leahy
Director, Air University Press
Dr. Ernest Allan Rockwell 

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Managing Editor
L. Tawanda Eaves

Professional Staff
Stephen R. Roughton, Contributing Editor
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L. Susan Fair, Illustrator
Michele D. Harrell, Prepress Production Manager

Welcome to the Air and Space Power Journal (ASPJ), the US Air Force’s (USAF) professional peer-reviewed journal and the leading forum for airpower thought and dialogue. ASPJ seeks to foster intellectual discussion and debate among air, space, and cyber power leaders, both domestically and internationally.

A Long, Rich History
Even before the founding of the USAF, Air University initiated publication of the Air University Quarterly Review in 1947. Maj Gen Muir S. Fairchild established this journal as a professional publication in the highest sense of the word—one that would reflect the best professional thought concerning global concepts and doctrines of air strategy and tactics. Since its inauguration, the journal has appeared under the titles Air University Quarterly Review, Air University Review, Airpower Journal, Aerospace Power Journal, and, currently, Air and Space Power Journal. Since 1947, this periodical has fulfilled its mandate to provide an avenue for professional Airmen to present their original thinking on the subject of airpower.

Current Version
The Air University publishes unique editions of ASPJ in four languages—English, Spanish, French (Africa and Francophonie), and Chinese. Each edition serves a targeted audience and region, offering articles chosen and prepared by editors who are native speakers of the language.

The Air and Space Power Journal (ISSN 1554-2505), Air Force Recurring Publication 10-1, published quarterly, is the professional journal of the United States Air Force. It is designed to serve as an open forum for the presentation and stimulation of innovative thinking on military doctrine, strategy, force structure, readiness, and other matters of national defense. The views and opinions expressed or implied in the Journal are those of the authors and should not be construed as carrying the official sanction of the Department of Defense, Air Force, Air Education and Training Command, Air University, or other agencies or departments of the US government.

Articles may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission. If they are reproduced, the Air and Space Power Journal requests a courtesy line.