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Vol: 08 Issue: 4 - Winter 2017Countering Insurgency and the Myth of “The Cause”Security;Civil-Military Relations;StrategyCox, Daniel G.; Ryan, AlexDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 4 - Winter 2017Irrational Rationality of TerrorismTerrorismNalbandov, RobertDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 4 - Winter 2017Engaging Non-state Security Providers: Whither the Rule of Law?Security;Civil-Military Relations;Human RightsDonais, TimothyDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 4 - Winter 2017China’s Three Warfares Strategy Mitigates Fallout from Cyber Espionage ActivitiesCyberIasiello, EmilioDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 4 - Winter 2017Operationalizing Protection of Civilians in NATO OperationsCivil-Military RelationsKeenan, Marla B.; Beadle, AlexanderDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 3 - Fall 2017American Visions of a Postimperial WorldStrategyLind, MichaelDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 3 - Fall 2017Getting a Grip on the So-Called “Hybrid Warfare”Civil-Military Relations;Security;StrategyRaitasalo, JyriDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 3 - Fall 2017A Systems Model on Corruption and Anticorruption Reform: International, Domestic Pressure, and Government Strategies to Preserve the Status QuoCivil-Military Relations;Human Rights;Security;StrategyPozsgai, JosephDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 3 - Fall 2017Towards an Explanation of the Recurrence of Military Coups in LesothoAfrica;SecurityBenyera, EveristoDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 3 - Fall 2017Human Rights, Humanitarian Intervention, International Politics, and US Foreign Policy: A Feminist Normative Analysis of the Libyan InterventionHuman Rights;Security;Women in SocietyOkpotor, Faith I.Download
Vol: 08 Issue: 2 - Summer 2017America’s strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean?StrategyEllis, EvanDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 2 - Summer 2017Toward a US Air Force Arctic StrategyStrategyConway, John L. IIIDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 2 - Summer 2017The Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)StrategyAndresen, SteinarDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 2 - Summer 2017Flawed Democracy - The Bane of Ghana’s Success in Curbing CorruptionAfricaNsia Pepra, KofiDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 2 - Summer 2017Mobility Challenges in Sub-Saharan AfricaAfricaMcCaughan, RyanDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 2 - Summer 2017Sectarianism After the Arab Spring: An Exagerated SpecterCivil-Military RelationsMikail, BarahDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 1 - Spring 2017Possibility and Peacebuilding for Precarious Lives: Rethinking Approaches to Peacebuilding: The Impact of Art, Culture, and CommunityCivil-Military RelationsJohansen, RuthannDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 1 - Spring 2017Measuring Security: Understanding State Capacity in Oil-Producing StatesSecurityDerdzinski, Joseph L.; Porreca, JacksonDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 1 - Spring 2017The European Union as a Model for its Neighbors From Dream to Nightmare?Human Rights;StrategyHarris, GeoffreyDownload
Vol: 08 Issue: 1 - Spring 2017The Birth of American Airpower in World War IStrategyFrandsen, BertDownload
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