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Book Cover - A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors
A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors: A Handbook for Personal Professional Study traces the evolution of military airpower from its infancy through Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Designed to introduce company-grade Airmen to the ideas, people, and materiel associated with military airpower, this volume and its suggestions for
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Book Cover - A Discourse on Winning and Losing A Discourse on Winning and Losing
A Discourse on Winning and Losing is the first book published on John R. Boyd’s famous same-titled briefing. A maverick fighter pilot devoted to the Air Force and its mission, Boyd challenged orthodoxy including fighter tactics and the theory of how wars were to be fought. Inspiring radically different opinions, he had the courage to state his
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Book Cover - A Need to Know A Need to Know
More than a tool of policy makers to gather intelligence, Air Force reconnaissance efforts shaped early Cold War doctrine and war planning. Dr. Farquhar argues that a lack of information on Soviet strategic capabilities dominated the organization, operational planning, and equipment of the postwar Air Force. To support his assertion, Farquhar
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Book Cover - A War of Their Own A War of Their Own
Captain Rodman, an instructor weapon-systems officer at Dyess AFB, Texas, examines the distinctive nature of Fifth Air Force's role in the air war over the Southwest Pacific Area during World War II. Especially notable is Gen George Kenney's innovative use of light attack aircraft as well as both medium and heavy bombardment aircraft,
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Book Cover - A-10s over Kosovo A-10s over Kosovo
The NATO-led Operation Allied Force was fought in 1999 to stop Serb atrocities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. This war, as noted by the distinguished military historian John Keegan, “marked a real turning point . . . and proved that a war can be won by airpower alone.” Colonels Haave and Haun have organized firsthand accounts of some of the
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Book Cover - Adapt or Fail Adapt or Fail: The USAF’s Role in Reconstituting the Iraqi Air Force, 2004–2007
The US Air Force has not had much experience in helping to create an air force for a partner nation. Usually the partner nation would already have an air force and the requisite infrastructure, only needing better airplanes, more training, or additional spare parts for the equipment already on hand. In Iraq, however, the Coalition Provisional
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Book Cover - Aerospace Power in the Twenty-First Century Aerospace Power in the Twenty-First Century
In Aerospace Power in the Twenty-First Century: A Basic Primer, Dr. Clayton K. S. Chun exposes readers to relevant aerospace capabilities, theories, uses, elements of operational planning, and key issues. After introducing basic definitions and concepts, Dr. Chun uses case studies of both successful and unsuccessful applications of aerospace power
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Book Cover - Aerospace Power: The Case for Indivisible Application Aerospace Power: The Case for Indivisible Application
Major Myers offers a serious alternative to "aerospace folklore." He proposes an indivisible airpower concept and argues that it would result in a far more flexible aerospace force structure—one that gets the most from our increasingly expensive and limited assets and applies the right force at the right place at the right time. [Grover E. Myers /
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Book Cover - Air Force Strategy Study 2020-2030 Air Force Strategy Study 2020-2030
In November 2009, Gen Norton A. Schwartz, the Air Force chief of staff, tasked the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) to answer the following question: What critical capabilities—implemented by the combatant commanders—will the nation require of the Air Force by 2030? The AFRI team identified the nation’s vital interests: commerce; secure energy
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Book Covers - Air University Press Audio Books Air University Press Audiobooks
AU Press is pleased to offer audio versions of some of our most popular titles. Sharing Success–Owning Failure  Preparing to Command in the Twenty–First Century Air Force David L. Goldfein    Then-colonel David L. Goldfein discusses
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