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Vision - Mission

Vision: Maintain AF ISR’s tactical competencies, & rebuild the capability & capacity to conduct full-spectrum multi-domain operations in complex & ambiguous environments

Mission:  Advance & enhance USAF core mission of GI ISR through focused study & research

Issues and Initiatives


  • AY17 First Class:
    • Selected 12 students from AD, Guard, & Reserve, with AFSCs ranging across 14N, 11R, 61A, 63A, Civilian Acq Manager, & USMC Comms Officer
    • Experience from Flying Wings, DCGS, Cyber, SOF, JIOC, RJ, U-2, NASIC

Research Initiatives 

  • A collection of publishable monographs, research papers & GO/FO level presentations
  • ISR RTF students given access to HAF/A2 representatives, members of IC, NIU, & AF ISR leaders to share & examine research findings

ISR Research Articles