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USAF Center for Strategy and Technology
325 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

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CSAT Faculty and Staff

  • Col Jeffrey W. Donnithorne — Director of CSAT and the Blue Horizons Program
    Col Jeff Donnithorne is Director of CSAT and the Blue Horizons Program at Air University. He is a 1997 graduate of the Air Force ROTC program at Duke University. His Air Force career includes two operational assignments as an instructor weapon systems officer in the F-15E Strike Eagle, with over 300 combat hours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served as an Air Force intern, with experience on the Joint Staff, the Checkmate division of the Air Staff, and in the Air Force Legislative Liaison office. Following an instructor tour at undergraduate navigator training in Pensacola, FL. Col Donnithorne attended the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS) at Maxwell AFB, AL. He then attended Georgetown University, where he earned a PhD in International Relations with a focus on American civil-military relations. Before joining the faculty at CSAT, Col Donnithorne commanded the 31st Student Squadron at Squadron Officer School (SOS), Maxwell AFB, AL.


  • Dr. Grant Hammond — Professor of Strategy
    Dr. Hammond (BA Harvard, MA & PhD SAIS, Johns Hopkins) is a long-time member of the Air War College faculty and has served in a variety of roles including Chairman of the Department of National Security Studies; Chair, National Security Strategy; and Director of the Center for Strategy and Technology. The former Dean of the NATO Defense College, he has worked with the Command and Staff Colleges and War Colleges of all US military services and those of more than a dozen other countries. Dr. Hammond is the author of three books, numerous book chapters and articles and a variety of studies for the USAF and other government agencies. He specializes in the analysis of alternative futures.


  • Dr. Russell "Blake" McMahon — Assistant Professor
    Dr. Russell "Blake" McMahon completed a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, San Diego in 2015. Dr. McMahon’s research combines mathematical modeling, statistics, and historical analysis to examine strategic uncertainty in the security realm, most notably in the context of nuclear weapons and civil-military relations. He also studies the factors that drive belligerents to engage in preemptive and preventive attacks.  Dr. McMahon has received $170,000 in grant money to fund this research, which has been presented at more than 20 academic conferences. His work has also been published by the American Political Science Review, International Interactions, The Guardian, Breaking Defense, Real Clear Defense, and Air University Press. In addition to responsibilities for teaching and scholarship, Dr. McMahon has served as deputy director of the Air University Deterrence Research Task Force, as Air University’s representative to the US Strategic Command Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance, as leader of an Air University study of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing technologies and strategy, as well as a founding member of the Air University “Integration Cell”.


  • Dr. Dave Luginbuhl — Adjunct Faculty
    Dr. Luginbuhl is the Air Force Research Lab Chair to Air University and was previously the Assistant Chief Scientist, 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. As such, Dr. Luginbuhl was responsible for the technical direction of a broad, multi-disciplinary research and development portfolio encompassing human-centric aspects of decision-making, forecasting, human performance and training. As AFRL Chair, he facilitates collaboration opportunities between AU and the Air Force Research Lab, and provide assistance to shape the AU curriculum to develop greater awareness of the application of science and technology (S&T) as a critical resource for Air Force leaders. Dr. Luginbuhl earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


  • Mr. John Carter — Deputy A3 and Director of Operations of Air University
    Mr. Carter directs the daytoday operations of Air University, working collaboratively with commanders, commandants, deans and directors in all activities related to the management and governance of education, research, outreach and doctrine development. He teaches leadership at both the Air War College and the Air Command and Staff College. Mr. Carter retired from the Air Force at the rank of colonel in January 2011 after completing more than 28 years of service. He spent the majority of his career in operations, accumulating over 3400 hours flying the O2, A10 and F16. His staff assignments included a tour as the director of the Commander’s Action Group for Air Combat Command and Chief of Space Requirements on the Air Staff. He served as the Commander of an A10 squadron, Commandant of the Air Force Weapons School, Vice Commander of a Fighter Wing in Korea and Vice Commandant of the Air War College. Mr. Carter holds a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University, Masters degrees from EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University and the School for Advanced Air and Space Studies, and he spent a year as a National Security Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.


  • Capt. Kyle Bingman — OIC Intelligence and Wargaming
    Capt Bingman (MA, American Military University) leads Intelligence and Wargaming for the Center of Strategy and Technology's Blue Horizons program. She is responsible for directing intelligence efforts supporting the USAF Chief of Staff's most forward-looking strategic study, evaluating the impact of emerging and disruptive technology as well as geo-strategic trends on defense capabilities. As an intelligence officer with a unique background in cyberspace, Capt Bingman began her career as a part of Det 2, 318 Cyberspace Operations Group, where she worked to integrate offensive and defensive cyberspace operations into exercises such as RED FLAG and USAFWS events. She then was the Senior Analyst for the 57 Information Aggressor Squadron, where she led research efforts to ensure the squadron's Red Team cyber operations replicated realistic, threat-based tactics. Prior to her current assignment, Capt Bingman was a Senior Instructor at Squadron Officer College.


  • SrA Timothy Stumbaugh — NCOIC
    SrA Stumbaugh is the NCOIC for the Center of Strategy and Technology's Blue Horizons program.  He is responsible for maintaining all of CSAT’s computer, phone, video teleconference, and audio-visual systems. SrA Stumbaugh is also responsible for all of the program’s purchases as well as assisting with coordinating travel for Faculty and Fellows. Among his other administrative duties, SrA Stumbaugh is additionally CSAT’s Information Assurance Officer, Website Manager, and Alternate Security Manager. SrA Stumbaugh began his career as a part of the Air War College Mission Support Information Technology Team. While there, he worked on computers, audio-visual systems, and other administrative duties supporting over 500 high ranking students and faculty from all services. Prior to his current assignment, SrA Stumbaugh was deployed to the Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) Headquarters, where he served as a Joint Operations Command Floor Watch NCO in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.