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120 S. Mitchell Street
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112


On Base: The Maxwell Inn

Unaccompanied students receiving U.S. Government travel and living allowance (TLA) must reside in the Visiting Officer Quarters (VOQ). The IOS will reserve VOQ lodging for all unaccompanied students prior to arrival. Should a student receiving TLA choose to live off-base for any reason, all allowances will be forfeited.

Other Lodging

VOQ are not available for students arriving with children. Upon request, the IOS can assist in reserving temporary lodging for students with families until a permanent residence can be obtained.

A listing of hotels, both suite and standard style, near Maxwell AFB can be found here. These hotels have been screened by the base lodging office and accept the government lodging rate.  


NOTE: In the U.S., where you choose to live dictates where your children will go to school; this is called zoning. Some schools in the area are rated better than others, so you may want to do some research prior to making a decision on where to live. For more information on zoning and school ratings, click here.


On Base: Privatized Housing

For students attending the AWC, ACSC, or SAASS, with their dependents authorized in the ITO, a limited number of furnished base housing will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, please contact the IOS. Children living on base who will be entering grades Kindergarten through Eighth, will attend the Maxwell AFB Department of Defense Elementary/Middle School.
Privatized Housing

Off Base Housing

Students who do not receive TLA from the U.S. Government, and are authorized by their home government, may obtain lodging off base and can contact the Maxwell Housing Office for assistance in finding a residence. The Housing Office can provide information on local housing options, to include home ownership and apartment or home rentals.

We recommend, prior to signing a lease, that you do an in-person walkthrough of the residence you plan to rent. You must also submit a copy of the lease to IOS prior to signing. IOS and the Housing Office will ensure that proper clauses (such as the "Military Clause," ensuring you can end your lease if you have military orders to leave the area), mandatory furnishings, included utilities, among other items, are included.