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Local Schools & Universities

In the U.S., all school age children must attend school or face truancy. Truancy is when a child misses school without parental permission. In the state of Alabama, policy states that the parent or legal guardian is responsible for requiring any child between the ages of 7 and 16 to attend school regularly. If a child becomes truant, the parent or legal guardian may be found guilty of a misdemeanor crime.

As the parent or legal guardian, you must ensure your child attends school and arrives promptly. You must also provide a written excuse or note if your child will be absent or late for any reason.

Public & Private Schools


In the U.S., children will attend schools that they are zoned for. School zoning means that where your residence is located will determine the school your children will attend. It is HIGHLY recommended that, prior to signing a lease, you do your research on Public School District zoning in Montgomery County, Autauga County (if living in Prattville), and Elmore County (if living in Millbrook, Wetumpka, Deatsville, or Elmore).

Zones may change from year to year, and where your country mate lived last year may not zone your children for the same schools while you are here. Again, be cautious of where you choose your residence; once you sign a lease, your child must attend the school they are zoned for; you can not ask to have them transferred to other schools. You may also be locked into your lease for one-year after you sign, so canceling the lease an moving to a different area will not be an option.

GreatSchools, SchoolDigger, and Public School Review are good sources to find local school ratings.

Magnet Programs and Private Schools

Most schools in the area are public schools and are free to attend. The only option you will have for your children to attend a school outside of their zone, is to apply to attend a Magnet Program or Private School.

Magnet Programs are a part of the public school system and are free to attend and provide a specialized curriculum. You must apply to these schools and program acceptance is extremely selective. The application window usually closes early in the spring; for more information please visit the MPS Magnet website.

Private Schools are also an option for your children, however, tuition can be very expensive. You can search the internet for more information on Private Schools in the area; a good source is to use the GreatSchools website.


The State of Alabama requires all children be immunized to attend school or daycare. Children are given specific immunizations based on their age. It is important that your children's immunizations are up to date and that their immunization records are translated to English prior to registering your children in school.

It is required that the English translation of the immunization record be written on the Alabama Blue Card. IMS will receive information regarding procedures during inprocessing. Common immunization translation list


Immunization Age Intervals Needed for Alabama Blue Card 

2 months old DTaP, Polio, Hib
PCV-13, Rota, Hep B
4 months old
DTaP, Polio, Hib PCV-13, Rota, Hep B
6 months old DTaP, Polio, Hib PCV-13, Rota, Flu, Hep B
12 months old MMR, Varicella, Hib Hep A, PCV-13
18 months old DTaP Hep A
4 years old MMR, Varicella, Polio, DTaP
11 years old Tdap HPV, MCG

Immunization Code Key 

DTap: Diphtheria, Tentanus, Acellualar Pertussis MMR: Measles, Mumps, Rubells
Flu: Influenza PCV-13: Prenvar 13, Pneumococcal Conjugate
Hep A: Hepatitis A Polio: Inactivated polio Virus, Oral Polio Virus
Hep B: Hepatitis B Rota: Rotavirus
Hib: Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Tdap: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Acellualar Pertussis
HPV: Human Papillomavirus Varicella: Chickenpox
MCG: Meningococcal


Registration Documentation


When registering children for school, parents must provide the following documents to the school for each child: 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity document for both child and parent (passport and visa)
  • Immunizations Record (Alabama Blue Card) with English translation
  • Proof of residence in the U.S. (usually a utility bill with your residence address listed)
  • Invitational Travel Order
  • Academic Record (with English Translation) showing the last completed grade level and all courses taken  

University & Graduate Education

Maxwell AFB School Liaison Officer

Maxwell AFB has a School Liaison Officer (SLO) who works with the local school districts to advocate for military families. IMS should feel free to contact the SLO with any questions regarding schools in the local area. Click here to email the SLO.