Helping Students Prepare for New School Year


The start of the new school year can be an exciting adventure for many students, but it can also be a time of high stress when they meet new people and reorganize their daily schedules.

However, parents can help their children prepare for a successful transition back to school.

“Being involved in their child’s school and having open communication with teachers is the best way parents can support their child,” said Mary Salerno, Ramstein Intermediate School principal. “It allows the parents to know what is going on in the student’s life and have a more direct influence.”


Communication between parents and teachers helps alleviate any concerns parents may have about their children’s grades, attitudes, work ethics, and daily habits. Parents who communicate closely with their child’s teacher will know how they can support their child in the best ways.

According to Noreen Mantini, a 4th-grade student guidance counselor at Ramstein, when students see teachers and parents working closely together they tend to be more dedicated to their time at school. Communication between parents and their children is just as critical as talking to the teachers, she said.

“When families are at home it’s important they slow down and make time for each other and have conversations,” Mantini said. “Parents may ask how the school day went and accept the first answer their child gives them. It’s necessary to have a deeper conversation and get to know how school is going.”

Healthy Student Lifestyles

Salerno said it’s also important for students to practice healthy lifestyles, such as getting enough sleep during the school year.

Yet, Mantini believes that a parent’s attitude toward school is the most influential factor for students.

“The very best thing, I think, is to be enthusiastic about school as a parent,” she said. “Celebrate school, and make rituals that you do every year as a family before and after the school year, and celebrate the successes of your student.”