Squadron Officer College
25 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


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Greetings from the Commander

Squadron Officer School Commander

Colonel Wayne W. Straw
Commander, Squadron Officer College

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Squadron Officer College (SOC).  Located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, SOC is the Air Force's center for primary developmental education for Air Force Officers.  SOC fulfills this role by educating and mentoring its students during the most crucial period of their development; their early, formative years as current and future leaders.

SOC executes the 6.5 week Squadron Officer School resident-education program specifically targeted at the development needs of Air Force Captains with 4-7 years of commissioned service, select Department of the Air Force civilians of equivalent grade, and international officers.

Squadron Officer School (SOS) curriculum revolves around four core learning areas:  Leadership, Joint Warfare, Reasoning, and Team Building.

Although SOC has a long and prestigious history; we are not resting on our laurels.  On the contrary, we have fundamentally changed the College to meet the needs of 21st century Airmen.  The course was restructured around the CSAF's three "big rocks": Revitalizing the squadron, developing joint leaders and teams and multi-domain command and control.  We have partnered with leading institutions to ensure our curriculum reflects the latest advancements in each of the four core learning areas. The curriculum also offers numerous opportunities for experiential activities to inject realism and provide opportunities for students to apply the lessons we are teaching.

SOS students will recognize the changes instantly.  Gone are the day-long lectures and unending decks of PowerPoint slides.  Students are treated to graduate-level student-centered seminars.  Students will leverage their personal experience and expertise in combination with the concepts taught in order to help them identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses, solve problems collaboratively, and help them understand how their specific AFSC fits into the joint force.

SOC has transformed itself to be more relevant to today's complex security environment and to be more responsive to the challenges our leaders face.  Graduated students will return to their units with an enhanced understanding of the institutional competencies, leadership principles, and key elements of reasoning required to fly, fight and win in the 21st century.

Course Schedule:

Class Start Graduate Deadline for Waivers (COB)
18C 8 January 2018 21 February 2018 **20 December 2017
18D 7 March 2018 19 April 2018 21 February 2018
18E 7 May 2018 21 June 2018 23 April 2018
19A 12 July 2018 24 August 2018 28 June 2018
19B 10 September 2018 24 October 2018 27 August 2018
19C 5 November 2018 21 December 2018 22 October 2018