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Welcome to the Air Command and Staff College

Welcome! Your selection to attend ACSC in-residence means you are about to embark on an exciting year of study. If there are any special needs for you or your family, please contact us for assistance. 


Please see the ACSC Commandant's Welcome Letter for AY19 Students. 




ALL students inbound to ACSC must sign-in in person to ACSC building 1402, room 2226 upon arrival. Military personnel MUST be in military uniform and are required to have all the required uniforms available upon arrival (not in storage or on a moving truck). Your leave status will stop once you sign-in. Sign-in will only be available Monday thru Friday during the dates specified in the table below.  Note, if you arrive on a holiday or AETC Family Day, you will not be charged leave for that day(s).

Reporting Dates (Sister Services refer to your service-specific reporting dates):

Initial Student Cadre

All other USAF and Civilian Students

Report Not Earlier Than



Report Not Later Than






Class Start Date



Class Graduation Date



NOTE: Only those whose PCS orders reflect "EARLY REPORTING AUTHORIZED" (ERA) can report before the Report Not Earlier Than Date (RNETD). 

The early reporting approval authority rests with the Student Squadron Commanders (21/38 STUS/CCs). Send E-mail requests, with requested arrival date desired (along with full justification, i.e., medical reasons, align with overseas DEROS, etc.) to ACSC Student Services

Requests for early reporting for strictly personal reasons will not be approved. If early reporting is approved, your Military Personnel Section (MPS) must annotate your orders accordingly. Officers authorized for early reporting will still sign in at Bldg 1402 Room 2226. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the early report, you can expect to be placed on duty status and used in various capacities throughout ACSC or elsewhere on Maxwell AFB. 

If you arrive before the RNETD and your orders do not indicate ERA, you are required to take leave until the RNETD. Please contact the Student Squadron Commanders for leave approval.


ACSC Minimum Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Requirements

US students selected for ACSC must bring their own personal computing device.  International Officers are not required to bring their own device, although they may do so if it meets all criteria below.  Those international officers who do not bring their own device will be issued a US government computer for their use while a student at ACSC. 

Each individual is responsible for the maintenance and repair of their own personal computing device.  A limited number of Government “loaner” laptops will be available for temporary use should a student experience a catastrophic computer failure.   

The use of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) from any agency outside of ACSC is strongly discouraged, as these devices may experience compatibility issues that cannot be resolved. 

Personal computing devices must meet the following standards: 

HARDWARE (do NOT bring a desktop style computer for use in the seminar rooms) 

  • Laptop or notebook with a physical keyboard  (MANDATORY)
    •  Due to extensive curriculum writing requirements, tablets that do not have a physical keyboard will NOT be useful and are NOT recommended 
  • 802.11ac or 802.11n capable wireless card (MANDATORY; included in most laptops built since 2010) 
  • CAC reader (MANDATORY) 


  • Students may bring Windows-based or Mac devices.  All devices must be running a fully licensed and activated version of the operating system.  Additionally, all operating systems must have the latest security patches applied. 
  • For Windows devices: 
    • Windows 7 or higher (MANDATORY)  
    • Windows 10 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) 
  • For Mac devices: 
    • OS X 10.13.3 (High Sierra) or higher (MANDATORY)


  • Modern web browser with the ability to run web-based applications 
    • Chrome 63 or newer (RECOMMENDED) 
    • Firefox 57 or newer 
    • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge 40 or newer 
    • Safari 10 or newer 


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader or other software capable of viewing and signing PDF files (MANDATORY)  
  • Office suite capable of processing Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016 file formats [Word, PowerPoint, Excel] (MANDATORY) 
  • Up-to-date anti-virus protection (MANDATORY) 
    • Note: For US students, anti-virus and office software are often available for purchase at a significant discount via DoD or your service’s Home Use Program (HUP).   


  • An annual certificate of completion for the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge v.4 that covers the entire academic year until graduation (MANDATORY) 

Uniform Requirements








Mess Dress

Army Mess Dress (Blue or White) Optional: Dress Blue or Dress White with Black Bow Tie

Seasonal Dinner Dress Blue Dinner Dress White

Evening Dress or Dress Blue and/or Blue/White A

Tuxedo (Black Tie) / Ladies Formal

Semi- Formal

Service Dress

Class A Army Green Service Uniform with Coat and Four-in-Hand Tie

Seasonal Service Dress Blue Service Dress White Summer White

Service A

Business Suit Skirt/Blouse Cocktail Dress


Normally short sleeve blue shirt, open collar

Class B Army Green Service Uniform (w/o coat and tie)

Service Khaki Alternate:Summer White Winter Blue Aviation Working Green

Service "B" or "C" uniform

Dress Shirt Dress Slacks

Duty Uniform

ABU/BDUs or Flight Suit*

ABU/BDUs or Flight Suit

Camouflage Utility Uniform/Flight Suit Service Khaki Shipboard Overalls

Utilities / Flight Suit


*Desert BDUs/Desert Flight Suits are NOT authorized for wear at ACSC.

**Students will be expected to wear service dress, or the equivalent uniform, for ACSC opening ceremonies (30 Jul 18).


Initial Events

Mass in-processing will take place on 25 July 2018, at ACSC building 1402 Uniform of the day is Duty Uniform: ABU/ACU/flight suit, or casual for civilians.


Opening Ceremonies will take place on 30 July 2018, at ACSC building 1402. Uniform of the day is Semi-formal: Service Dress, Class A, Dress Blue, or business wear for civilians.


Required Documents for in-processing


Tricare: Print and complete this Tricare Enrollment Form.

Additionally, ensure the following documents are in your possession: 

· 5 Copies of PCS orders (and amendments, if applicable)

· Copy of Narrative-Only Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF)

· Personnel Folder with signed PCS travel order

· Fitness assessment results (if completed)

· Shot Record

· Individual Flight Record, if applicable

· Two copies of non-availability statement

· Two copies of TLE lodging receipts

* The Air Force has moved away from hand-carrying medial records during a PCS; however, please bring a copy of your completed out-processing checklist, with the appropriate medical out-processing steps shown complete.

NOTE:   All school age children are required to have an Alabama ImmPRINT Card (Verification of Immunizations) by Alabama law. If you have any questions please call the Maxwell AFB Immunization Clinic at 334-953-5731 or visit the Alabama Health Department website (http://www.alabamapublichealth.gov/immunization/index.html).


During this week you are considered "available for duty", unless you are on leave.  If not required for duty by the Student Squadrons (STUS), use this time to settle into the local area. Finalize housing/TMO related issues, school registration for dependents, base/area familiarization, etc. This week is not charged as leave, as long as you are in the local area. Irrespective of when you arrive during this week, you must sign-in in person at ACSC Building 1402, room 2226 for accounting purposes. Military personnel must sign-in in military uniform. 


Contact Information


Civilian Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-9820 or DSN 493-9820

USA Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-2226 or DSN 493-2226
USMC Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-6592 or DSN 493-6592
USN Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-6153 or DSN 493-6153

PAS Advisor: Commercial (334) 953- 8886 or DSN 493- 8886

MDOS Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-3277 or DSN 493-3277

SANDS Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-2636 or DSN 493-2636

Blue Horizons Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-2985 or DSN 493-2985

ARC / ANG Advisor: Commercial (334) 953-7113 or DSN 493-7113


IMPORTANT: Navy students are required to complete the USN QUESTIONNAIRE and email it to the Naval Advisory Group.



All civilian and sister service students need to have their bachelor’s degree transcript (only one is needed) from an accredited university sent to the AU Registrar, prior to 1 Jul 18.  For more info, visit this link: AU Registrar.


All active duty Air Force officers MUST have a Narrative Only PRF and a post-ACSC ADP on-file prior to arriving (accomplished by their losing senior rater) or will need to update their Talent Marketplace (TM) preferences during the Summer 2019 VML cycle if their AFSC uses TM.  If members have questions on how to use or update TM preference, they should watch the tutorial before contacting their appropriate assignment teams at the Air Force Personnel Center.  Tutorial can be found at: https://afvec.langley.af.mil/myvector/Talentmarketplace/Home


ACSC recommends you complete ALL ancillary training after 15 June 2018 so that you don’t have anything expire while you are in student status. Your student email account, for instance, will not be created without a certificate that is valid through graduation. Security Clearance Requirements: Clearance requirement is Top Secret/SSBI (Line of Air Force (LAF) ONLY).  For all other students, clearance requirement is Secret. For more information regarding ACSC policies, procedures, and programs, please read the ACSC Handbook.


Mandatory Physical Fitness Requirements 

1. Air Force Active Duty and Active Reserve Component (ARC) Students: All Air Force Active Duty and ARC Personnel must have a current, passing AF Fitness test prior to arriving to Maxwell AFB and in-processing with ACSC. Additionally, all students will be required to take the AF fitness test per AFI 36-2905 while assigned to ACSC during the student year.

2. Sister Service, Civilian and International Officer Personnel assigned to ACSC are not subject to Air Force Instruction 36-2905 Fitness Program. Instead, they must meet the standards of their respective services. The respective sister service advisors monitor maintenance of these standards.



Once you sign a rental agreement or purchase a home, you are not authorized PTDY any longer. If you did not take PTDY for house hunting prior to departing PCS from your current duty station, and have not found a place to live, you may request up to 10 days PTDY for this purpose. If applicable, you may arrive up to 10 days earlier than your RNETD. This must be approved in advance with the STUS and your losing unit and your RNETD changed (see paragraph on requesting ERA).



When you arrive at Maxwell AFB, you must visit the Housing Management Office (HMO) to receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing. At Maxwell AFB, military family housing is privatized. Maxwell Family Housing, a Hunt Military Community, owns the family housing and is responsible for maintaining, repairing, constructing and managing the community. In addition to your option to purchase and rent housing in the local community, you many now choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Hunt Military Communities.


Housing Management Office: Commercial (334) 953-5718 or DSN 493-5718

Privatized Housing: Commercial (888) 666-2652


Off-Base Housing - To see Houses for Rent or Sale in the local area, please visit the Automated Housing Referral Network (www.ahrn.comor Military By Owner (www.militarybyowner.com). Be advised: housing fills up quickly and there are waiting lists for some of the prime apartment buildings. Plan ahead.


Local Area Schools
Montgomery County Public Schools
Autauga County Public Schools (Prattville, Billingsley, Autaugaville, Pine Level, Marbury)
Elmore County Public Schools (Millbrook, Deatsville, Eclectic, Holtville, Wetumpka)

Maxwell and Gunter residents are both authorized to use Maxwell DoD Elementary and Middle School services. Transportation is available for Gunter Annex students. Maxwell and Gunter residents are offered separate High School options. Maxwell residents are authorized for Carver Senior High and Gunter residents are authorized for Robert E. Lee High School.


FAMCAMP Families - Be advised that dependents of personnel living in the FAMCAMP are NOT authorized to attend Maxwell DoD Elementary and Middle School.




· September -- Labor Day (pass)

· October -- Columbus Day (pass)      

· November -- Veterans Day (pass)

· November -- Thanksgiving Break (pass)

· Dates TBD -- Winter Break (leave if out of area)

· January -- Martin Luther King Day (pass)

· February -- President's Day (pass)    

· May -- Memorial Day (pass)


Over the course of the Academic Year, students will have an opportunity to take leave during designated periods.  Do not plan to take leave in August or September to burn “use/lose” days.  Passes will only be granted in accordance with AFI 36-3003 (Chap 5), AETC guidance, and your STUS/CC approval.  Read the Pass Policy and do not make irrevocable leave or pass plans without getting STUS/CC approval.




If you desire a BAH waiver you are required to apply through your Military Personnel Section (MPS) prior to receiving Permanent Change of Station orders. Personnel must meet the criteria outlined in SAF/MR's policy letter dated 4 Mar 02: 1) Must be departing PCS for 12 months or less to attend PME, Technical Training, or Career Education Program; and 2) Must agree to limited PCS entitlements to include only personal/professional shipment equivalent to unaccompanied hold baggage and without-dependent rate dislocation allowance, temporary lodging expense, and per diem.

MPSs are required to verify member's eligibility and assist member in filling out the required waiver statement. The rationale behind this policy waiver is to provide the family stability for the duration of the short PCS assignment; therefore, the member must not relocate their family.

If the member will receive a higher BAH rate at his/her gaining location, he/she does not need to apply for a BAH waiver. They will automatically receive the higher BAH rate established for their new duty location

SAF/MR Policy Letter

JFTR Waiver Letter

BAH Waiver Letter

ACSC Minimum Bring Your Own Device Requirments

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