What We Offer

We provide subject matter experts and serve as the primary advocate for education designed to equip leaders at all levels of Professional Military Education (PME) and Professional Continuing Education (PCE) to be effective leader communicators. Check out our 2014 Annual Report! 








Our organization authors curriculum to educate PME and PCE students on the need for establishing and maintaining institutional credibility through proactive and transparent communication.

We offer electives that cover a wide range of communication and leadership issues, to include:

  • Joint Doctrine
  • Leadership Communication 
  • Source Credibility & Building Trust 
  • Communication, Persuasion & Audience
  • Organizational Storytelling
  • Crisis Communication 
  • Leading during an Era of Social Media
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Information Operations & Public Affairs

We provide core presentations and small group workshops to all Air Command and Staff College students attending in residence at Air University.

We provide Social Media education and training to the Wing Commanders Spouses Course.

In addition to our role within the various colleges and schools at Air University, we serve the joint community as well. We provide media engagement training and the creation of synthetic media environments to enhance complexity of scenarios and give students the opportunity to see how their communication strategies would fare in a realistic media environment. Support includes execution of the annual Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sponsored Joint Land, Air, Sea Strategic Exercise (JLASS-EX), attended by officers from each of DoD's senior service schools.

We also support other exercises and wargames, to include the Air Force Judge Advocate General School's JAGWAR exercise portion of the Gateway professional development course.

We are the only organization in the Department of Defense dedicated to providing leadership communication education.

We welcome inquires for partnership.

Our Process
✓Meet with department head or dean to analyze leadership communication curriculum requirements
✓Design curriculum outcomes, strategy, and structure through team collaboration
✓Develop lesson plans, presentations, collect readings, videos, and associated tools
✓Coordinate facilities, education technology and student schedules
 ✓Implement curriculum through in-residence and distance learning for executive, small-group, and large-group engagements
✓Evaluate curriculum through course director and student critiques
✓Adjust course content and objectives through internal and external audits

  Where We Teach
Air War College
Air War College
Air Force's senior professional military education (PME) school for officers. Each year, more than 250 colonels and lieutenant colonels attend -- from the Air Force and other U.S. military services, equivalent grade civilians from U.S. government agencies, as well as from other nations.
Air Command and Staff College Air Command and Staff College
ACSC is the Air Force's intermediate level officer PME. Each year, it hosts more than 600 majors and major-equivalent civilians from the Air Force, other U.S. services, U.S. government agencies, and other nations.
International Officer School  International Officers School
IOS is the lead-up course to prepare all international officers for attending AWC, ACSC, and Squadron Officer College. This allows international officers to hit the ground running when integrated into the academic culture with the US officers in individual schools.
Eaker Center for Professional Development Eaker Center for Professional Development
This school supports the Air Force mission by providing world-class, multidisciplined technical training and professional continuing education to Air Force and other Department of Defense personnel, as well as international students.
LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education
The LeMay Center develops and publishes Air Force doctrine, teaches doctrine through resident and online courses, and advocates airpower through visionary wargaming.
Air Force Judge Advocate General's School The Air Force Judge Advocate General's School
The JAG School goes well beyond the basics and offers timely, relevant courses for all legal professionals including military and civilian attorneys and paralegals.


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