Publications and Resources

The below resources and publications were compiled to better assist students and others conducting military communication research. The student papers are the results of that research. 



            Video Playlist

American Airman Portraits in Courage Video
Portraits in Courage Gallery
Airman Magazine Visuals
 American Airmen  Portraits in Courage Video Portraits in Courage Gallery Airmen Magazine Visuals 
Humanitarian Efforts Veterans in Blue    
Humanitarian Efforts Veterans in Blue     

Joint Publications
Joint Publication 3-61 Joint Doctrine Note 2-13    

DoD Publications
DODD 5230.09
DODD 5410.18
DODI 5160.48
DODI 5400.13

Air Force Publications
AFPD 35-1 Annex 3-61
AFI 35-101 AFI 35-102
AFI 35-103
AFI 35-104
AFI 35-105
AFI 35-107
AFI 35-108
AFI 35-109 AFI 35-110
AFI 35-111
AFI 35-113
AF Social Media Guide


Student Research Papers
Lindsey Borg
Aaron Burgstein
Adriane Craig Robyn Chumley
Kathleen Cook
David Faggard
Thomas Knowles Sean McKenna
Sarah Schultz
Tadd Sholtis John Thomas Todd Vician
David Westover
Regina Winchester