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Sharing Success Book Cover
Sharing Success–Owning Failure  Preparing to Command in the Twenty–First Century Air Force

David L. Goldfein 
Then-colonel David L. Goldfein discusses several themes central to a successful command tour.* His ideas and questions will spark your imagination as you begin preparing for the task ahead of you—squadron commander. He shares stories from other squadron commanders that include both success and failure because, as Goldfein states, “it is from studying our failures that we learn, grow, and improve as officers and leaders.” Maj Gen Charles D. Link, USAF, retired, states that “this book is a must-read, not only for those selected to command a squadron but for all our young officers.” *General Goldfein is the current chief of staff of the Air Force. 

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Commanding an Air Force Squadron Book Cover
Commanding an Air Force Squadron in the Twenty-First Century:   A Practical Guide of Tips and Techniques for Today's Squadron Commander

Jeffry F. Smith
Jeffry Smith updates the earlier release of Col Timothy T. Timmon’s Commanding an Air Force Squadron (1993). In this book, which includes a foreword by Gen John P. Jumper and an introduction by Colonel Timmons, USAF, retired, Colonel Smith relies on the vast “insights, experiences, and recommendations” of former and current commanders to identify the attributes of a successful commander at multiple levels. He identifies some issues commanders face regardless of the level of command, including counseling personnel, dorm inspections, commanders’ calls, money management, and the roles of spouses and families. According to Colonel Smith, the conduct of individuals in times of crises is the truest barometer of a good commander. 

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Heirpower Book Cover
Heirpower:  Eight Basic Habits of Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenants

Bob Vasquez
“So you're 22 years old, you've just gotten your commission, you've arrived at your first duty station, you’ve met with your commander, and you’re now ‘in charge’ of a group of enlisted men and women, all of whom have been in service longer than you, know a whole lot more about military life than you, and are expecting more than you know. To top it all off, your first ‘subordinate’ happens to be a 30-year veteran of every war you ever read about, and his rank is, yes, E-9. He’s not an E-10 only because that rank doesn’t exist. Now what do you do? Let me tell you. . . .” In Heirpower! Eight Basic Habits of Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenants, CMSgt Bob Vásquez, an Air Force veteran of more than 30 years, now serving as director of a freshman seminar at the US Air Force Academy’s Center for Character Development, shares the views of the enlisted force in a powerful, humorous, anecdotal way that will educate and entertain you. Bob’s eight habits will empower you to become an Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenant!  

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Lorenz on Leadership:  Lessons on Effectively Leading People, Teams, and Organizations

General Stephen R. Lorenz USAF, Retired
If you want to learn about leadership, ask an experienced leader. Gen Stephen R. Lorenz, who retired as the commander of Air Education and Training Command, was always interested in leadership. He began writing about it while at the Air Force Academy and has now written numerous articles. He believes that today’s leaders need to reflect on the principles that guide them. This practice gave him insights into his own leadership style and fed his knowledge about the foundations of leadership. He shares his knowledge in this compilation. He also believes everyone is a leader in one way or another and should practice the art of leadership by writing about his or her own experiences and mentoring others. Audio book was read by John Conway.

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Stopping Mass Killings in Africa Book Cover
Stopping Mass Killings in Africa  Genocide, Airpower, and Intervention

Dr Douglas Carl Peifer
This is a compendium of case studies that seek to describe the best uses of military power, particularly airpower, in response to genocide. The writers examine recent instances of genocide in Somalia, Rwanda, and Côte d’Ivoire to draw out useful generalizations concerning the nature of genocide, international reactions to genocide, and effective responses to genocide and the possibility of genocide. 

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Introduction     Study 01     Study 02     Study 03     Study 04     Conclusion

Listening Effectively Book Cover
Listening Effectively

Dr. John A. Kline
Using the concepts of what we think, feel, and do about listening, Dr. Kline teaches the reader the need for better listening and how to do so more effectively. 

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Foreword   About the Author   Preface   Acknowledgement   Chapter 01   Chapter 02

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Chapter 04   Chapter 04.1   Chapter 04.2   Chapter 04.3   Chapter 04.4   Chapter 04.5

Chapter 05.1   Chapter 05.2   Chapter 05.3

Speaking Effectively Book Cover
Speaking Effectively:  A Guide for Air Force Speakers

Dr. John A. Kline
In Speaking Effectively, Dr. Kline presents techniques on how to speak successfully. He provides examples and pointers for both the novice and the skilled speaker. This book was previously listed as order number B-33. 

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