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For two decades, the U.S. Air Force Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies (CSDS) has enhanced the national security community's discussion of issues involving nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons through its educational courses, research products, and weekly News and Analysis publication. In September, CSDS will mark 20 years of continuous service and is proud to introduce this special anniversary logo to mark the occasion. This logo displays the radiological hazard symbol, representing both nuclear weapons effects and the imperative to develop countermeasures against all weapons of mass destruction.  Read More


Latest News from Air Force Global Strike Command

  • Passing the guidon: Gen Ray takes command of AFGSC

    Gen. Timothy Ray took command of Air Force Global Strike Command from Gen. Robin Rand, outgoing AFGSC commander, during a ceremony here, Aug. 21. He is the newest leader of the U.S. Air Force’s portion of the nuclear enterprise, which maintains the nation's only force of Minuteman III ICBMs and strategic bombers.
  • AFGSC Commander reflects on nearly 40-year career

    As he looks toward retirement, Gen. Robin Rand, Commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, took
  • Tribal Visit 2018

    Leaders and historic preservation staff from various Native American tribes visited Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, Aug. 14, 2018. The tribal leaders met with Team Minot leaders to ensure new lines of communication were established and build a fruitful and effective relationship. During the visit, tribal leaders received a B-52H Stratofortress tour, military working dog demonstration and a launch facility tour.

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For nearly 20 years, #CSDS has integrated #education, #research, and #criticalthinking through its monographs. In “… https://t.co/reRQPbxfMD