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RT @AETCommand: Curious about how @HQAirUniversity & the @AFCYBERCOLLEGE helps provide strategic guidance for cyber #Airmen & officers acro…
Join us at booth 708 today at #ASC18 https://t.co/v8N2ZoEsjr
AF Cyber College leverages civilian, reservist expertise to help redefine cyber airmen. https://t.co/Yqjew7yqC9
Air Force Cyber College leverages civilian, reservist expertise to help redefine cyber airmen. @HQAirUniversityhttps://t.co/Q60SLBriNK
Shoutout to Dr. Pano for speaking tonight at the Alabama World Affairs Council (ALWAC) on “A World at War With Itse… https://t.co/1Vuc51CbIW
RT @AETCommand: Today, as a nation we remember the tragic events & lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001. For some, that terrible day in our histor…
Congratulations to our faculty member Dr. Pano on winning the Airey Neave Memorial Book Prize for his book The Cybe… https://t.co/ujZ9JF6xzd
Ready for S.T.E.M day at the Montgomery Air Show https://t.co/h0Y4PRgZ3u
RT @AETCommand: #ICYMI-@GenDaveGoldfein visited @HQAirUniversity to talk to Air Command & Staff College students on how they should expand…
RT @HQAirUniversity: AU Cyber Chair and Air Force Cyber College Faculty, Colonel Bosko, talks cyber college courses with #AFITC18 participa…
RT @HQAirUniversity: @HQAirUniversity @AFCYBERCOLLEGE's Colonel Mixon giving participants at #afitc18 lessons learned from #blackhat and #D
Stop by our sessions at AFITC next week. We will be talking about Cyber Norms Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Econom… https://t.co/JYfWIC7GdS
@JasonWomack @singularityu @JasonWomack Absolutely. We are starting to offer our classes to all Gov and DoD employe… https://t.co/aYLoKu2T76
Student reading for the weekend. #cyber #cybercollege https://t.co/DyQZdRYfF2
With all of the talk of a cyber force today, here is our faculty member Dr. Pano's take on it from the SSQ article.… https://t.co/QZHhml2zWV
Join us at the upcoming #Afitc2018 conference as we will be offering presentations throughout the event as well as… https://t.co/mZwnP96tG0
First day of class! Welcome everyone to the Cyber College. #cyber@HQAirUniversity⁩ ⁦@AETCommandhttps://t.co/lq1TaCNnOY
@_sn0ww We have a staff member with a chip implant who say it has not been a problem for them.
Here Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Bonner discusses his research on creating a Cyber Warrant Officer within the Air… https://t.co/0G0P2ZXcpC