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@JasonWomack @singularityu @JasonWomack Absolutely. We are starting to offer our classes to all Gov and DoD employe… https://t.co/aYLoKu2T76
Student reading for the weekend. #cyber #cybercollege https://t.co/DyQZdRYfF2
With all of the talk of a cyber force today, here is our faculty member Dr. Pano's take on it from the SSQ article.… https://t.co/QZHhml2zWV
Join us at the upcoming #Afitc2018 conference as we will be offering presentations throughout the event as well as… https://t.co/mZwnP96tG0
First day of class! Welcome everyone to the Cyber College. #cyber@HQAirUniversity⁩ ⁦@AETCommandhttps://t.co/lq1TaCNnOY
@_sn0ww We have a staff member with a chip implant who say it has not been a problem for them.
Here Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Bonner discusses his research on creating a Cyber Warrant Officer within the Air… https://t.co/0G0P2ZXcpC
@mthomas304 Thanks. We will pass it along!
Watch Colonel Camilla White discuss her research on Cybersecurity Intelligence Support To Weapon System Acquisition… https://t.co/G2qqSWAo00
Take a break this morning and check out Lieutenant Colonel Marcus L. Cooley discuss his research on Redefining The… https://t.co/A6TcCCrNf3
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Schlak talks about his research on Safety Versus Security: Defining Healthcare Infor… https://t.co/a2pPz2noiB
The latest publication from our faculty: The Cyber Threat and Globalization. Coauthored by Dr. Pano Yannakogeorgos… https://t.co/3sjAmujhNa
Today Colonel Michael Hunsberger gives a brief introduction and research paper on leveraging machine learning for a… https://t.co/nIYxQdbLbd
First up in our new video series is Colonel Camilla White and her research on Cybersecurity Intelligence Support To… https://t.co/u97mQk77Xs
We will be releasing our students research and videos from the Cyber Research Task Force. Our focus on ensures that… https://t.co/7QJrPh1uFr
RT @ScotJasper: Revised the Cyber Security Series for International Partners with @AFCYBERCOLLEGE to add Cyber Operations Integration @CCMR
@ScotJasper @CCMR3 Thanks! Looking forward to continuing our partnership with this fantastic program. @ScotJasperhttps://t.co/eq4CKCT803
RT @AETCommand: So we took the plunge & started an Instagram account! Check us out at @aetc_firstcommand to see & learn more about how the…
Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. #cyber https://t.co/vSNTzTseDE