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America is faced with a national emergency in cyberspace. Threat actors utilize weaknesses in information systems upon which modern societies rely on for economic prosperity and military superiority as tools. As we move from an Industrial Age world to a Digital Age world, educating all Airmen on understanding the operational and strategic implications how cyberspace impacts military mission and national security is critical.

Creating a culture of cybersecurity and mission assurance poses a great challenge for the AF, DOD and the nation. This guide is an effort to inform the AF as a whole on the broader implications of cyberspace and electronic warfare within the AF core missions. Currently, there exists a gap in understanding the fundamentals of cyberspace as it relates to military missions and broader strategic goals contributes to difficulties in understanding tactical and operational-level impacts to AF core functions, and results in a reduced capacity for effective strategic thinking and planning in cyberspace. This guide offers a consolidated resource to educate Airmen to deal with cyberspace issues during the operational and strategic planning and decision-making process.

This guide is an unclassified resource on concepts and principles of cyberspace operations that reflects a snapshot of expertise from thinkers and experts who are on the leading edge of shape the nation's thinking about cyberpower.


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