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Join the Air Force Chaplain Corps

 Join the Air Force Chaplain Corps

The Air Force Chaplain Corps is a highly diversified, multicultural and multidenominational community focused on the free exercise of religion for Airmen, their families, and other authorized personnel. Our ranks include officer, enlisted and civilian personnel working at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

Career opportunities in the Air Force Chaplain Corps are available for Active Duty, Reserves, Air National Guard, and the Chaplain Candidate Program. The following information is provided as a reference for those individuals interested in joining our community.

Become a Chaplain

For detailed information on becoming an Air Force Chaplain, please visit www.airforce.com/chaplain/.

 Active Duty Chaplain Recruiting: 1-800-803-2452

Air Force Reserve and Candidate Recruiting: 1-800-223-1784 ext 497-1475; commercial 478-327-1475; DSN 497-1475.  Web: www.afrc.af.mil/library/chaplain/index.asp

Air National Guard Chaplain Recruiting: 1-866-839-7438
 Web: www.goang.com/Role/Chaplain 

Become a Chaplain Assistant

Air Force Chaplain Assistants, Air Force Specialty Code 5R0X1, are enlisted airmen and the combatant arm of the Air Force Chaplain Corps. The role of chaplain assistants is to provide ministry support through direct unit involvement and administrative and logistical support. Additionally, there are no religious affiliation requirements for chaplain assistants.
 The Air Force chaplain assistant career field is a retrainee-only specialty; enlisted airmen considering a career in the Air Force Chaplain Corps should refer to AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel and contact their installation chapel's senior enlisted leader for the most current accessioning procedures and requirements.

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