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In-Processing Information for Inbound RCOT Officers

Please read over this webpage in its entirety before departing for training


Please read over this webpage in its entirety before departing for training

Plan to arrive within the appropriate time-frame. If you are unable to report by 1500, contact the 22d Training Squadron Registrars as soon as possible at (334) 953-5197.  However, to the fullest extent possible make travel arrangements to arrive within the specified time frame.

  • RCOT 18-01 (02 Dec 17 - 16 Dec 17)
    • Trainees attending Reserve Commissioned Officer Training (RCOT) class 18-01 must report to Bldg 1491 (Morehouse Hall) between the hours of 1100-1500 (CST) for in-processing on Saturday, 02 December.  Please make sure to have lunch before arriving.  


  • RCOT 18-02 (24 Feb 18 - 10 Mar 18)
    • Trainees attending Reserve Commissioned Officer Training (RCOT) class 18-02 must report to Bldg 1491 (Morehouse Hall) between the hours of 1100-1500 (CST) for in-processing on Saturday, 24 February.  Please make sure to have lunch before arriving. 
  • The specific Uniform and Equipment Checklist for Reserve Commissioned Officer Training can be found under the Expenses Link.  It is highly recommended that you purchase all required uniform items prior to arrival..




  • Prior to arrival, all trainees should familiarize themselves with OTSMAN 36-2604 Cadet Operating Procedures.  All trainees attending RCOT will be expected to know and demonstrate applicable procedures found in this manual during the respective training course.
It is required to bring your own laptop or tablet devices


  • All individuals are required to bring their own laptops or tablet devices to training.  Please ensure these devices are equipped with word processing and slideshow software and can view academic materials (i.e. CDs) during training. 
  • Printing capability is also very limited at OTS if you need to print additional items that are outside the scope of training it is highly encouraged that you bring your own printing device. 
  • Personal computers WILL NOT be plugged into the military network.

Upon arrival ALL TRAINEES need to bring the following items/information below:

  • A pen (Blue or Black Ink)
  • A copy of each of these forms printed and filled out.
  • Your Commander's full name and telephone number
  • Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC)
  • Vehicle Registration/License Plate # (If driving)
  • Base and unit to which you'll be assigned after graduation
  • 10 copies of travel orders plus amendments
  • Valid Military ID card

You MUST refer to the table below to determine the required items that you need to hand-carry with you to training. 

We strongly recommend that place all required items a in a  folder or large envelope.  Use the following checklist  to help you prepare/pack all required items.




  • In addition to the money needed for uniform items and cash for Dining Facility Meals the first week, you must have $50 cash upon arrival to pay for Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), and additional training items.
  • RCOT officers will not receive the EZ Pay card and must pay for all meals in the dining facility with cash (small bills).  An ATM is available on base, however have enough cash on hand for meals and additional uniform items as needed.
  • If flying, it is recommended you bring a personal change of clothes in your carry-on luggage in the event your luggage is lost.
  • In order to gain access to Maxwell Air Force Base, you must have a picture ID (military ID preferred) with travel orders, proof of vehicle insurance, and vehicle registration (if driving).  If you drive, look for OTS directional signs, which will lead you to the OTS campus.
  • Before the class start date, please ensure your financial obligations have been met and any urgent personal business has been settled.  Your time and ability to tend to these matters during training will be limited.   Your ability to travel off base will also be limited during training.
  • Your first training day will be long and will consist of a lot of walking and marching. Wear athletic shoes (no sandals or open-toed shoes) and neat, comfortable conservative clothing.  DO NOT report in uniform.  Trainees (Male & Female) will report in accordance with Personal Grooming standards as specified on the Dress & Appearance Page of this website.

  • If you have questions or concerns, or if you encounter problems while traveling that will impact your arrival date/time, please call the 23 TRS Registrar at (334) 953-5197.

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