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Maxwell, River Region land use study released




A yearlong study that took an in-depth look at land use around Maxwell and Gunter to ensure the bases’ missions are not adversely impacted by current and future economic development was released recently.

The Joint Land Use Study is a cooperative planning effort conducted as a joint venture between military installations, surrounding communities and state and federal agencies.

The 2017 Montgomery-Maxwell Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study Report is available in the Maxwell Links tab at www.maxwell.af.mil, and the JLUS and all its attending documents are available at www.montgomerymaxwellafbjlus.com.

Maxwell’s JLUS started in 2016 and concluded in summer 2017.

“The study allowed base and civic leaders to share information and promote an understanding of the potential impacts that economic and physical development in surrounding communities could have on Maxwell and Gunter’s missions,” said Col. Eric Shafa, commander of the 42nd Air Base Wing. “The River Region is experiencing rapid economic growth, and it’s vital that the military and civilian communities collaborate on future development to ensure the economic vitality of the region without compromising operational missions.”

The Montgomery-Maxwell JLUS provides a land use assessment, a baseline of existing incompatible land use, community growth trends, a community decision-making plan and recommendations and strategies to promote compatible land use planning around Maxwell and Gunter.

The JLUS is funded through a grant from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment.