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Squadron Officer School (SOS)

Eligibility Requirements


Students attending SOS need to understand that compliance with the below eligibility requirements is mandatory and is the primary responsibility of the member.  Training managers should assist in the process but each student must ensure that they have followed all the reporting instructions and that they have an approved Exception to Policy (ETP) as necessary.   Training Managers should review current SOC Enrollment Policy and current SOS Reporting Guide.  Timelines under the policy are mandatory.  When an ETP is granted the member will receive an e-mail confirmation that they have approval to proceed to SOS.  The member should not proceed without this confirmation.  Anyone who arrives without being approved will be sent back at the unit's expense and their commander will be notified of the failure to follow proper procedures.


  • Military: must be a Captain and CANNOT pin on Major while attending SOS. 
  • Students who pin on Major while at SOS will be sent home.
  • Civilians, must be GS-9 through GS-12.
  • See AFI 36-2301 for more info.

Students attending SOS are expected to be in top physical condition and should expect to complete a weekly 5K run, a 10K at the end of the course, and other strenuous activities including climbing, lifting, and hoisting one's body weight, in the central Alabama weather conditions.

  • You MUST have a current/passing PT Test WITHOUT EXEMPTIONS on file in AF Fitness Management System (AFFMSII) that lasts through your graduation date.
  • If you have one or more EXEMPTIONS on your AFFMSII printout, you must retest with NO EXEMPTIONS prior to attending SOS or get an approved Exception to Policy (ETP) to attend SOS, even if the profile that led to the exemption expired.
  • You will be REQUIRED to provide a hardcopy printout from AFFMSII showing your current score and expiration date on Day 1.
  • Additionally, if you are on a medical profile, even if it will expire during the class, you cannot attend SOS without an approved ETP.

Exceptions are further clarified in the Exceptions to Policy Explained.

****Expiration Fitness Assessment Due to Deployment of 90+ days**** 
Students with an expired PT Test who will attend SOS within 42 days after returning from a deployment of over 90 days MUST request an
ETP waiver and receive written approval to use the expired score. Students who have been home more than 42 days are NOT eligible to request an ETP.


***Completed Waivers Form MUST be submitted to SOS Student Services NO LATER THAN 10 duty days PRIOR to class start date (see "SOC HOME" webpage for class start dates/ETP due dates).***  Any submission received after the cutoff date will be disapproved.

***All ETP Waivers MUST Be Signed By Your Home Station Wing Commander ***
    ETP are required for PT test exemptions, profiles, and waivers.   

  •  Students attending SOS with exemption on ANY component of their current PT Test, MUST request an ETP (Fitness Waiver) and receive written approval.
  •  Students with PT exemptions are highly discouraged from attending SOS and are encouraged to attend a later course.
  •  If you are on ANY medical waivers you must submit an ETP.   
  • Students with  an approved ETP due to pregnancy:   
    • Maxwell AFB 42 MDG does not have the capability to provide routine OB GYN care. 
    • You MUST coordinate with your home station OB GYN provider to determine whether or not you will require OB carte for the 6.5 weeks of class.
    • If you are cleared for the 6.5 weeks, you MUST provide a 469 clearing you to attend SOS without routine OB GYN care.    
    • If you will require OB GYN care while attending the course you MUST coordinate a referral between your home station clinic and a network OB GYN provider in the Montgomery area to receive care while TDY.   

  • You are NOT required to submit a TAFSC waiver to SOS before attending the course.
  • All TAFSC waivers should be routed through your MAJCOM/A1 office. -- Note: Some MAJCOMS have delegated the approval authority for TAFSC waivers to individual Wing Commanders. Consult your MAJCOM A1.
  • SOS does not need to see your TAFSC waiver. 



ANG and AFRC students should consult the SOS Reporting Guide as well as the lodging and finance information on the SOS website Lodging and Finance Information. Ensure that your orders authorize partial per diem, per the JTR.

Please contact the AU Reserve Advisor at DSN 493-3290, or Commercial, 334-953-3290 if you have any additional questions. For questions regarding the Guard officer PME please contact DSN 493-3060, or Commercial, 334-953-3060.   For questions regarding orders, you may contact 908 FSS/FSO: DSN 493-9185 or Commercial 334-953-9185.



Per Air University Instruction 36-2315, if a TDY student reports for a course and is found to be ineligible due to failure to meet ANY eligibility requirements without an ETP, the student will be returned to his or her unit at the parent unit's expense.

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Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


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