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Lodging and Finance Information

**** SOS is NOT the POC for problems with finance. SOS cannot assign fund cites, cut orders, arrange special lodging accommodations, authorize per diem changes, or provide other Defense Travel Services (DTS). Contact your unit training or financial manager. DO NOT contact SOS for lodging, financial, or orders assistance.


The SOS schedule and curriculum are focused on an unaccompanied officer residing in the dorms. All Air University student lodging is managed by 42 ABW/FSS and rooms are automatically reserved for SOS students. SOS does NOT coordinate special accommodations, change out room assignments, or address lodging issues. If you have lodging questions, contact Maxwell Lodging.

Rooms:  Room accommodations vary, some have kitchenettes and others simply have a microwave and mini fridge. SOS does NOT control where students are assigned. Students are housed with members of their flight and squadron to facilitate team cohesion. While some variances occur due to space availability, The FIRST priority of SOS is to keep flights together. You will receive your room assignment during student inprocessing (day prior to class start). Until in-processing has concluded, lodging is unable to provide you with a description of your room or where you will be assigned.

Accompanied Students

While SOS is NOT an authorized accompanied TDY, many students elect to bring their spouses and families with them to Maxwell. SOS offers these students the choice of being assigned to the accompanied squadron. All requests for accompanied squadrons should be submitted COB two weeks prior to class start. This courtesy rotates between the six student squadrons each class and gives spouses the benefit of being around other spouses in the same unit and under the same commander. Being in the accompanied SQ does NOT guarantee child care or lodging will be available.  Download Accompanied Spouses Guide.

Students Bringing Their Spouse:  Students bringing their spouses should notify SOS Student Services via Student Services Help Line: email SOS Student Services. After SOS Student Services has been notified, a private room will be reserved for you at Maxwell lodging.  This also applies for a military spouse attending SOS.

Students With Dependents:  Students with children or pets must make arrangements to stay off-base in the local area.  Reimbursement will be limited to $60 per night.  If you are a single parent and bringing your dependents, you will need to contact the Maxwell Child Development Center (CDC) to secure childcare services. Maxwell CDC slots are secured on a space-available basis ONLY.

TLF units are only available for students PCSing enroute to their next duty station. These students should contact Maxwell Lodging and be prepared to e-mail/fax a copy of their orders. Pets are NOT allowed in student lodging. Pet friendly TLF units are for Students PCSing enroute to their next duty station.

SOS will NOT issue a non-availability slip and any expenses incurred will be the student’s individual responsibility. Again, SOS in NOT an authorized accompanied TDY.

**** It is YOUR responsibility to coordinate special accommodations.
Students bringing their spouse and/or dependents should email SOS Student Services to be placed in the accompanied squadron.****  


ONLY TDY students are eligible for primary care at the Maxwell Clinic. Dependents MUST get authorization from your home PCM to receive routine care at Maxwell Clinic. Sick Call is not available for dependents.

Routine, non-emergency care requires authorization from your Home Unit PCM.
Urgent or Emergency Care (Sick Call type event), call the Maxwell Clinic for appointment Authorization Requirements
CONUS base must call PCM for authorization before care
Overseas--no requirement

Can use any local provider
Listing of network providers from the TriCare Service Center Care in MTF will be space available basis only

OB Services
No OB Services Available at Maxwell
If you require prenatal care you must contact your PCM for authorization
To contact your PCM, call the number on the front of your TriCare Prime ID Card 


Early Arrivals:  The on or about date is an estimated date for TDY departure. Although the member may leave 7 days before the preceeding date AETC TDY-to-School will only pay for 1 travel day for CONUS and OCONUS (any flight exceeding 14 hours, AO can authorize an additional travel day), excess travel time may be charged as leave.

SOS can NOT authorize any additional expenses regarding the information below. ALL finance and travel issues should be coordinated through your home station and/or MAJCOM A1 training managers.

Per Diem and Lodging Rates:  For the most current lodging and partial per diem rates students should consult the DOD Defense Travel Website at Students will have a minimum of 1 lunch hour per day and have access to the base dining facility (DFAC) for breakfast and dinner meals.

Students not authorized billeting for off-base (because of family or a pet) will receive the same lodging and per diem rate as the on-base students.


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that civilian students be authorized a rental vehicle. Civilians are not authorized commissary privileges and will require means to travel 5 miles off base to the nearest grocery store to acquire groceries if desired.

SOS does NOT provide students rental cars, nor can it authorize their use on your orders. Students do not require a vehicle during their time at SOS but may find it more convenient to bring a personal/rental vehicle. You do not need to register a vehicle when you arrive on Maxwell. Contact your unit training/financial training manager if you will need personal transportation.

**** Additional expenses occurred as a result of bringing a spouse and/or dependents to SOS are the student’s responsibility.

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Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


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Welcome to the Class of 19A. Today begins the six and a half weeks for these Captains, Reservists, Civilians, and International Officers. They will be challenged in areas of leadership, communication, ethics, and joint warfare. Good luck students.
Class of 18E thank you for contributing 93 units of blood to the Armed Services Blood Program and 86 units to the American Red Cross as well as 78 registered bone marrow donors to the C.W. Bill Young Department of Defense Marrow Donor Program. Class 18E had International Officers that attended from Bahrain, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Korea (South), Lebanon, Lithuania, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda. Good luck in your future endeavors 18E. Here is a look at the past six and a half weeks:

Welcome to the Class of 19A.
Congratulations to the class of 18E. Today marked the completion of six and a half weeks of learning.
Today marks the graduation of the Class of 18D. They survived challenges across Leadership , Team Building , Ethics, and Joint Warfare. Then now have friendships, knowledge, and an impact that will last a lifetime. Here is a look at some of these events that took place from the student’s perspective over the past six and a half weeks.

Congratulations to the Class of 18D and good luck in your future endeavors. Welcome to 18E.
Congratulations to the Class of 18C. It was a most eventful class with many accomplishments including 84 hours of community service, 139 pints of blood, and $200 in cash for local charities. Below is the graduation video for the 680 students and 50 flights that made up 18C. May your friendships forged here last a lifetime. Https://
Welcome to the Class of 18D as they enter today scheduled to begin tomorrow. You will face challenges through Joint Warfare, Ethics, Team Building, Leadership, and experientials. Good luck as you form lasting bonds with your fellow classmates.
Welcome to the Class of 18C coming to Maxwell AFB to begin Monday. Great beginning to the new year. Good luck students.
Congratulations to the Class of 18B who graduated 663 students across 48 flights of Air Force officers, Department of Defense civilians, and International Officers. There were 29 International Officers from sixteen different countries. This class donated 225 hours and $490. Here is a look at the six and a half weeks for 18B and best wishes in the future.
Former SOS instructor, member of Academic Affairs, and Redpant performed the flyover for Auburn's homecoming. Great job Emily Joy!
Congratulations to the Class of 18A who graduated 591 students in 43 flights. This class donated 195 hours of community service. Here is their video showing the events over their six and a half weeks. HTTPS://
Our own Commandant spoke quite eloquently explaining the continuum of learning.
TLP 1 complete. Way to go to those that succeeded.
Capt. "JAG" Garris was featured speaking about Air University and Squadron Officer College. Class of 18A you will be the first to experience the new curriculum. Welcome!
Congratulations to the Class of 17F on graduating today. This class had 553 students in 41 flights. They also had 22 International Officers from 16 countries. The class donated 175 hours and $1650. Way to go 17F and may your time at SOS leave you better prepared to be the future leaders of the Air Force. Here is a look at the five weeks for the 17F class: Good luck as we bid you safe travels to your home station.
Great job 17F on Commandant's Challenge today. Beautiful morning for it.
SOS Class 17F you are invited to observe a time honored tradition of International Officers vs SOC Faculty in a soccer match. The game is this Thursday, May 4th at 0630. It will be held by the Maxwell Youth Fields on Maxwell Blvd. across from the T-38. Come out and feel free to cheer and heckle.
Students of 17F endured physical and mental challenges today at Project X.